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  • EXCEPTIONAL person to work with. We had a very rush urgent job to be done (ie. timeline to deliver was literally within hours from the time the project was started). Not only was the project completed within the timeline and budget, the quality was excellent. PERFECT communication throughout the process, everything went smoothly beyond our expectations. We were skeptical that anybody could get what we needed done within the timeframe, but we were wowed away, VERY impressed. Thanks again for all of your hard work and for working late into the night to get this done for us!!!! (BTW: For other people reading this, we do not give 100% ratings to just anybody, look at our other reviews, we're very picky. This vendor is amazing, we will be hiring again!).

    Amrik Randhawa, RGBX
  • Rabbit & Carrot's responsiveness to my questions and comments was fantastic. It's the primary reason I selected them over 2 other vendors whose pricing was lower. I might not have been the easiest client for them to deal with, and there were 1 or 2 requests they did not meet, yet their professionalism and sincerity in trying to deliver what I wanted throughout the entire experience makes me very comfortable in recommending them to others or using them for a future project. In the end, the final cartoon product they delivered made my parents 45th anniversary event a huge delightful success. My friends and family were highly entertained by the cartoon. Thanks again to the entire team at Rabbit & Carrot!!

    Stacy, Day In A Life.
  • The team has worked hard to meet our expectations. The quality of work produced is pretty high. There was a good two-way communication and due to their extensive experience, the team was able to get what we envisioned without us needing to explain at great length. There is a level of initiative and creative input on their part as well. One suggestion we would like to make is for the company to provide a greater variety of VOs for the client to choose from. Overall, we are very happy to have worked with the team. Recommended if you want high quality and affordable explainer videos!

    Angel Hack, After Party
  • The entire staff did an excellent job from start to finish. Very engaged staff, provided consistent communication, helped me stay informed throughout the project. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for great quality work.

    Samuel, Bet Me Gammer
  • Great team of animators who are very responsive, and have great skills in animation, and deliver what you ask for. Knowledge of technical terminology may sometimes be required in communicating with the team as there were occasions where instructions were misinterpreted. All in all, the project was delivered on time, and to a high quality for what you pay for. Would highly recommend them.

    Bryan, Click To Sell Your House
  • I am very satisfied with this company. The team showed great patience and professionalism throughout the entire project. Thank you very much. I highly recommend and look forward to future projects with this team. Well done.

    Miguel, Lockton
  • Very satisfied from the result of the work done. The team was available for all necessary changes, ready to help and responsive. They also provided a sound accompanying the animation. I recommend this subcontractor.

    Petros, Zenlap
  • I really like these guys. If there is a criticism, it is based on communication - which may be attributed to time differences, culture and language. If I had another project, I'd use them.

    Jonathan, Crica Funding
  • Rabbit & Carrot were very professional, courteous, and accommodating. Despite delays (not entirely their fault), once delivered the product was more than satisfactory!

    Domenico, Home Business Rotator
  • We couldn't be happier with the work done by Rabbit & Carrot! We had excellent communication throughout the project and great efforts were made to implement all our requests and any change/ edit we asked for was changed immediately. Great work guys and we look forward to working with you in the future Thanks The PrrrfectFit.com team.

    Spencer, Prrrfect Fit
  • Outstanding work! We look forward to collaborating again in the near future. Thank you so much.

    Michael, Bexterd
  • About the 10th time i hire them. Don't and won't use anyone else.

    Jorge Assam , Entre Connection
  • Thankyou so much, Rabbit & Carrot - I'm thrilled with the outcome! After the initial teething problems, you really came through with a brilliant product. It's quite hard working with our time difference and I really appreciate all the overtime you put in, so that you would be at your desk when I was available. It made a huge difference to getting everything perfect and on time. I'll certainly be back for more.

    Anja Karina, Prism
  • This is our second animated video with R&C. Again, it was a wonderful experience. We felt assured all along the process that the end product would be of great quality, and it is! Akber and his team are very creative and hard working. Thumbs up! Claude - iugum Data Software.

    Claude, Data Match Tool

The process we follow for the production for web video

1. Research

It involves studying throughly the website ....Read more!

2. Scriptwriting

Content for the first draft of script ....Read more!

3. Voice Over

We have Number of different Voice Over ....Read more!

4. Story Boarding

Key frames or scenes are designed ....Read more!

5. Animation

Animation is also an important aspect in ....Read more!

6. Final Production

After the approval of animation ....Read more!

7. Final Face Lifting

This is a Service offered by only Rabbit ....Read more!

8. Delivery

Once we are done with all above steps ....Read more!

Why "Rabbit And Carrot"

Rabbit And Carrot was found on a Cold Crispy day in the early months of 2009 by a 25 year old young energetic Multimedia Specialist "Akber Ali". The Company is now amongst the remarkable animation studios in Pakistan and Abroad that develops and produces content for the web. With the industry's top talent, state of the art technology and the broadest range of animation styles, Rabbit And Carrot has proved itself to be noteworthy of praise and applause. It is our goal to produce highly cultural and artistic animation that is both successful in art form and commercial form. We are adaptable to our client’s needs, keeping their satisfaction our top-most priority.
It all was started back in 2009 when we start selling over different Freelancing Portals Specially Elance, Where we build highest rating in just couple of months and became one of the Top 5 Services provider of Elance out 143,000 registered companies on Elance. We receive hundreds of Super Great Comments from many of our Clients.
- We will Deliver What we Commit.
- We will work Closely with you & Keep you Informed as we make progress.
- We will make sure the video is complete from all aspects, Before we deliver.
- We will not charge if we don’t make you happy.


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