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4 Tips To Increase Website Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is very important for any website no matter what Industry it belongs to. Conversion rate defines the number of sales through website and online presence. But sometimes, conversion rate goes down as well. As a result, sales and traffic on website goes down as well. But what makes conversion rate goes down? Let’s find out..

Interface of Website:
Commonly known as usability of website, it refers to the front end or the user interface of the website. It is something the user interacts with. One main reason for not getting conversion is the usability of the website. Usability includes multiple things which increases the user experience and increases the conversion rate: Design must be clean, easy to interact and understand, responsive, and user friendly), navigation (easy to route from one page to another), loading time (minimal amount of loading/response time) and an attractive and compelling landing page. These things increase the usability of the website and hence increasing the conversion.


Appealing Call To Actions:
Make sure your website has appealing and appropriate call to actions – something which forces the user to click on it. It is useless if there aren’t any call to actions on a website. The best place for call to a website is the landing page of your website. Insert multiple call to actions which tells the user what to do next.


Use Your Animated Explainer Video:
Animated Explainer Video is another way to increase your conversion rate. Use your explainer video on your landing page. This will explain your business, product or service to your viewer in an engaging manner and in a easy to under way. According to different statistics, using an animated explainer video on your website increases the conversion rate by 58% cause user get to know your business, product, or service. Hence, another method to increase the conversion rate.


Analyze the Audience:
It is really important to analyze and understand your audience. You have to understand the mindset and psyche of your audience to produce a content which attracts towards your business. Analyze your audience in detail such as age, hobbies, interests, location, and revise your content accordingly. This will definitely increase your conversion rate because the viewer will feel a direct communication path between them and your business.


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