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Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world with a large number of multinational companies established in UAE. Dubai has become the financial hub in the Gulf Region with the numbers still growing. To ensure that these companies meet their marketing strategies and goals, Rabbit And Carrot has made solid grounds in Dubai establishing itself as top animation company and animation video maker in Dubai.

Rabbit And Carrot has been rated top and best animation and explainer video company in Dubai. At Rabbit And Carrot, we create Animated Explainer Videos for small and large companies which helps them market their business, products, and services in an engaging manner. Our videos help businesses reach their target audience over various platforms including social media. Our animated videos can be used on website landing page, social media, youtube, presentations, meetings, exhibitions, email marketing, and many other platforms. We create explainer and animation videos of different styles such as 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Cartoon Animation, Whiteboard Animation, Infographic Animation, Motion Graphics Animation, Typography Animation, Cut-Out Animation and many more.

Bring Your Business To Life With An Explainer Video

Story Behind Rabbit And Carrot: At Rabbit And Carrot  we recognized the importance and certain need of telling your story in a way that’s easy to remember. We create videos that will make your brand go up and make your brand stand out from competition. We explain complex concepts to customers in a simple and effective way.

We create videos that are easy to understand from your viewers point of view so your viewers gets engaged. In a time span of 60 seconds your viewers will be convinced to buy your product or service.

8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Explainer Video:

Explainer videos makes your brand standout in the competition.
Explainer videos will help you grab audience attention.
Explainer videos will help you  increase traffic to your website.
Explainer videos deliver complex concepts in an easy and simple way.
Explainer videos boost conversions by 20% on average.
Explainer videos posses the quality of keeping your viewers engaged.
Explainer videos understand your product in an engaging manner.
Explainer videos increase understanding for product or service by 74%.

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