Do you know your audience? Wanted to reach everyone?


If you’re looking for more people to know about your business, a rise in the perception of professionalism for your small company, or provide your consumers with a visual representation of your brand, BRAND VIDEO may be a fantastic alternative. There are lots of brand videos online and it is the new document for each brand and company.


To develop real connection and authenticity, Brand Video is a much better method or in other words, it is an essential piece to add to your marketing campaigns. If content promotion is a vehicle to form relationships with people, Brand Video makes it less difficult to achieve that. Like every wonderful notion, building a brand video advertising strategy starts with a notion.

Why we use a brand video

Whether it’s an item demonstration video, a commercial for your company, or only a quick promotional video to elevate awareness about your business, utilizing video marketing can be a fantastic alternative for many little businesses local and nationwide to build Brand Awareness. At each stage, it can be an amazing way to further educate and influence your target customers. Possessing a Brand Video will make it possible for you to earn a lot of different decisions, that make it possible for you to raise the perception of professionalism for your business.


Brand Videos can allow you to connect the dots, and provide your potential clients a visual look at what it is you’re providing.

case Study: bgx


BGX is a multifunctional processing platform in the field of mobile games. BGX provides financial support and brings the power of the crypto economy into the world of mobile games. Game developers and app markets can easily enter the crypto-economy with BGX, they can monetize their games and access to a large market.


Team at Rabbit and Carrot analysis that BGX is multifunctional platform powered by Artificial Intelligence specifically for mobile world. BGX is a relatively new competitor into the world of mobile games. Game players also have benefit to earn on the platform and exchange their tokens with real money.

Solution – Concept brand Video

Team Rabbit And Carrot created a video that can explain the issues faced by mobile game developers in terms of monetization and explain the solution with the help of BGX platform.


According to report, BGX is now achieved their pre-sale targets by selling 22,567,12 BGX tokens. They will also open their CrowdSale from 5th Sept, 2018.

concept development

The first step of producing a custom animated explainer video is to develop a concept


Well, it usually depends on the quality and length of the video, but, as a benchmark, 2-3 weeks are enough to create a customized 60 second video.


Our affordable explainer video offers everything a super expensive explainer video does – except being too heavy on your pocket


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