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Educational Video

Educational Videos are 2D animated videos using characters, graphics, icons text/equations, voice, and audio effects to picture concepts, making subject matter simple to digest and also fun to watch. Educational videos that are animated help your students to learn quicker and more efficiently. Videos that are little aid your students retain and concentrate information.

Well-designed animations may help students learn faster and more straightforward. They are also an aid to teachers as soon as it comes to describing subjects. The problem of topics may arise due to the participation of creativity or mathematics.

  • Captures and retains students
  • Simplifies concepts into easy to Comprehend visuals
  • Fits seamlessly into your present class
  • The videos are educational and enjoyable

Visual Information

Pupils are a lot more likely to memorize moving visuals and perceptible info, compared to other mediums. Educational cartoons are produced for the use of encouraging learning. Interspersing videos throughout your class will keep pupils engaged and hungry to find out more. Instructional Videos can be embedded in online in web courses, emailed, hosted on a private YouTube page, or else we could work with you to deliver the movies in any way desired. Animated educational videos are utilized to enhance courses and online classes. We can customize the look, feel, and content to fit in with your types that are chosen.


For younger students, animation automatically holds special appeal, but even for adults, it’s compelling to watch and can make even difficult concepts easy to follow.

Since animation is an inspired and interactive method for flexible training and education, students will be motivated to find out more and much more. Learners will get more skills, which is the principal reason.

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Simplifies concepts

Interactive learning live-action cartoon, simulation, video, audio, graphics, opinions, expert advice, and questions and answers keep learners interested and strengthen skills. As it’s enjoyable, challenging, and fun to use it encourages people. Through practice, learning is consumed and integrated into operation.


Educational Video has lots of advantages than the conventional method of instruction and training. The skill and motivation advancement are the key benefits. Educational Video primary goal is to decrease learners’ time and futile effort of studying, and also to make it more sensible and task-oriented.


The first step of producing a custom animated explainer video is to develop a concept. Key elements of this information feed in to your script, treatment and style frames.


Educational video timeline is based on video style. Whiteboard animation takes 2 weeks where as infographics takes 3 weeks and 2D Character Animation may take 3 to 4 Weeks.


Cost of an Educational Video also vary according to Video style. Whiteboard video starting from $999, Infogrpahics , 2D animation starting from $1499 per 30 sec & more.

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