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Explainer videos VS other types of videos

Explainer videos VS other types of videos

There are innumerable types of videos in the field of digital marketing owing to several types of online content distribution mediums. However, among other similar ways, explainer videos have come out to be a game-changer, by being one of the most effective forms of brand communication.

Let’s talk about why explainer videos are performing better than other videos.

An explainer video is a great way to tell a story. Given the vast number of online marketing messages our audience encounters on a daily basis, showing them our story instead of telling them which makes it more meaningful. On the other hand, explainer videos go further than other types of videos because they can condense information into a conversational format that viewers can easily consume. A great story is useless if we can't tell it in a way that potential customers can understand.

Explainer videos help customers understand what our firm has to offer. We can be experts in our field and are familiar with the jargon, but trying to read and understand highly technical terminology and processes can be really tedious. It's sometimes better to demonstrate what we can achieve and how our product or service can help solve difficulties through videos. Explainers are useful for conveying details that are difficult to convey in text or long video formats.

Our customers like the explainer video format because it is shorter. We don’t like watching long videos, and our potential consumers may feel the same way. A typical explanation should last one to two minutes. For most target audiences, this is a reasonable amount of time to invest in interesting information. Compared to a fairly long video, if we can grab their attention in the first few seconds, then Voila, we are more likely to grow their interest in our brand.

Explainer videos are easy to share. After all, we are really lazy creatures, especially when it comes to using the Internet. Any activity or engagement that needs too much effort is probably not worth our time, but one-click sharing is fine with us.. All social media sites have a share option of some sort. Users will hop on board if spreading the word is simple.

All these advantages of explainer videos over other forms of video, makes it easy to see why they're so popular among online information hunters. So, through explainer videos give your customers what they desire to appeal to them.

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