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Five Benefits of Explainer Videos


An explainer video is a 60-90-second-long animated video that briefly describes purpose and importance of any business with aim of capturing potential customer’s attention. The video serve purpose of information and education about product to the target audience.


Human memory works in a way that we tend to forget most of the information that we hear or read however we mostly remember what we see. Therefore it is better to have all the information you want to give to the potential buyers in graphical form instead of text. With improvement in digital marketing and advertisement; designing and producing videos is much affordable and convenient unlike before.

Below are the five absolutely important benefits of explainer videos that will convince you to make an explainer video for your business.


1.    Solution to problem approach

Even in a minute long video, you have enough time to explain a scenario with a problem that your product or business has solution to. There is no better way than this to grab attention of your clients.  You would need to write pages and pages to do it through written material.

2.    Capture attention

The concentration span of general user on internet is very short. With blazing speed of today’s internet, users tend to switch and close tabs faster. So if your content is not appealing, user will move quickly and what can be more appealing than a video?

3.    Standalone marketing tool

You can share videos essentially everywhere from social media to as link in email. Since it can be shared more easily then texts, it is an excellent choice for marketing and targeted to a considerable large part of audience.

4.    Better search rank on google

It is not an easy task to appear on top ranks of google search but since google is more inclined towards media, an explainer video can be your best bet to help you getting there. From statistical point of view, an explainer video would have 50 times more chance of appearing on first page of google search than only text.

5.    Flexible

Videos are short and very easy to edit, so you have lots of space more improvement and creativity by changing the content or adding new features. For example if you are introducing a seasonal additional service, you can just add few more seconds in a previously made video instead of getting a new made.

However to get maximum benefits out of the explainer video, you will either have to reach out to a professional video making company or work hard for a DIY project.

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