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Getting Value Out of Your Explainer Video

Explainer videos have become a great marketing tool. They make your marketing strategy stronger as compared to other marketing tools. Moreover, they explain your business, product, or service in an easy-to-understand manner to the general audience. This not only helps in getting your word out there, but also helps in brand awareness, improves your SEO, and attracts target audience towards your business.
Many companies are getting explainer videos today but they aren’t able get value out of it. That’s because they don’t know where to use their video. As a result, less amount of viewers, less of amount of traffic, and negligible amount of business. But, if you know how to put your video to use, you can get thousands of views in a single day and can boom your business in a matter of time. Here are some ways in which you can get value out of your explainer video:
Landing Page:
First things first, your video needs to go on your landing page! Whenever you have a visitor on your website, your explainer video will explain your business in seconds. Since landing pages matter a lot and decides whether the user will go deep into the website or just leave from there, it is necessary to post your video on your landing page, to make sure that the viewer gets a complete idea of your business. Not only this, it will also decrease your bounce rate and possibly generate business.




Social Media:
Go live with your video. Post it on every social media platform you use. Facebook and Twitter aren’t just for connecting with friends. They are also for reaching out your target audience. Go out there, and post your video on every single platform. Post it on Facebook, Tweet it on Twitter, Upload on YouTube and Vimeo, and put it up on Instagram. These are the platforms which attract highest amount of traffic towards your video. Other than these, you can also use other platforms such as Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, and Google Plus. Social Media is the perfect platform to widen your platform and reach the highest amount of audience.


Yes, you can also advertise your business with your explainer video. With advertisement we aren’t just restricted to TV advertisement. Your explainer video can be used as advertisements on Facebook Ad Campaigns, Twitter Video Ads, Instagram, YouTube Skip Ad, and other platforms. This can be a great opportunity to reach the highest amount of people. The video will advertise your business and attract traffic towards it.



E-Mail Marketing:
If you are running a successful e-mail marketing campaign and have a strong contacts list, go for the e-mail marketing. E-Mail your contacts your video. Give a short introduction about your business, product or service, and then let the video do the magic. E-Mail marketing is a good source to attract traffic towards your business. If you are planning to reach out some new contacts, all you have to do is e-mail your video. That’s it. Your video will do the work for you.



Using these techniques, you can reach the highest amount of viewers which will help you generate leads for your business and attract prospects. More and more industries today are turning towards explainer video for their video marketing needs. Indeed it is a strong marketing tool making your marketing strategy rock solid. Whether you are a startup or even a successful running business, you do need a video to explain your business, reach target audience, and boom your sales.


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