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History of Explainer Videos

So explainer videos have been around for quite a while. Without any doubts, explainer videos have been a huge success. Thousands of companies from all over the world, whether a start up or a multi national companies are using explainer videos for their advertisement, marketing, and promotion.

But how did this all started? This all goes back to 1990 when people started using presentations on Powerpoint to pitch in their ideas to their target audience. Marketers and sale persons thought that using presentations was the easiest and the most convincing way to market and sell their product among their target audience.

In 2004, Power point introduced addons which allowed people to add text, voice, and images to a power point presentation. This made things a lot more easier for people who were already using power point presentations to present their ideas.

Things turned around in 2005 when YouTube was introduced. People started making videos of their presentation and shared it on a newly launched platform to spread their word among an audience of millions and billions of people. After a few years, in around 2008, people started using making how it works videos and started uploading it on YouTube. This is actually where the revolution and the era of explainer videos gradually started.

It was then in 2009 when Dropbox made a video for their brand which resulted in 10 million users and 50 million dollars of sale. And BAM! Explainer Videos success started! This was the time when explainer video term was invented. More and more companies started getting explainer videos for their brand.

Today, in 2018, after almost 9 years, explainer videos are a huge success. More and more companies are getting explainer videos to explain their message in a fun filled and attractive way. Moreover, explainer videos have also evolved into further categories which include promotional video, marketing video, product demonstration video, social media videos, and further more. If you want to promote your brand in this era, explainer video is the tool for you.


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