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How Explainer Videos Are Changing The Marketing Ball-Game

How Explainer Videos Are Changing The Marketing Ball-Game

The way we consume, learn and conduct business has all been altered due to the Internet. The way we share, exchange and engage with one another has also changed as a result of social media.

People prefer to watch a video rather than read about a firm according to recent research. Videos enhance website responses by manifolds. Which is why including them on the website has become essential now since our website is our calling card with more than 50% of customers looking for products and services on our website

Arriving at customer’s request requires a constantly evolving approach to advertising and communication, even as medium and data change.

The brain science behind explainer videos, which turns out to be the mystery ingredient of why they work so well, is obscure to the vast majority.

Before knowing why explainers work, let us first discuss what is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a short video around 30 to 90 seconds long that does the work of clarifying a business idea in a clear, engaging and informative way. Explainer videos are mostly animated and that is what makes it visually appealing and this basically helps to catch customer’s attention and it can undoubtedly impart how a product, service or an administration can help a customer or tackle an issue they might be encountering.

Explainer videos blend auditory and visual inputs to teach a concept in a concise and understandable manner. Explainer videos are extremely effective. They use both text and audio instead of just one, which has been very impactful to boost message retention.

Let us now address the main topic: why explainers work?

Regardless of how intriguing the topic is, a protracted video will lose viewers as it progresses. Explainer videos, on the other hand, are concise and to-the-point. Explainer videos are ideal for showing how to utilize a product or illustrating how a service will benefit a customer.

Explainer videos are more likely to make a purchase after seeing because they better engage the audience and give solution to an issue. It helps to stand out from the crowd since not everyone is doing explainer videos.

Explainer videos can be labeled and named with catchphrases to support SEO promotion and can drive more guests to our websites through different channels.

Consumers enjoy watching videos on their mobile devices and they frequently use videos to learn about new products. Using explainer videos for mobile marketing one can connect to their target audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can raise brand awareness.

Explainer Videos are cost effective as well. Advanced technologies have made it easier to create high-quality professional videos at a moderate price.

Marketers who have already used explainer videos into their marketing mix have witnessed firsthand the benefits: more than 80% say, the videos help them generate leads, improve website traffic and increase sales.

Now that we understand why explainer videos are successful, it is time to incorporate them into the marketing strategy. One can accomplish this in various ways, including them on websites and landing pages as well as using social media and video platforms.

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