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How Much Does an Explainer Video Cost?

Most people wonder how much an explainer video costs. They might cost a lot, but the ROI generated by an explainer video is high. No other marketing strategy has been as effective as compared to an explainer video. They attract audience and keep them engaged, deliver your message, and generate leads towards your business.
People think that explainer videos are too expensive and probably aren’t worth spending that much money on. Just to make this idea disappear from your mind, here’s a proof. Dropbox, a popular cloud platform, spent $50,000 on an explainer video. The video went viral and created a huge opportunity for dropbox. A single video helped them generate over $24 million in revenue and 5 million new customers. That’s the power of a video!
Coming back to the point, let’s take a detailed look at the pricing of an explainer video. The price of an explainer video mainly depends on the style of explainer video. Other factors include length of explainer video, quality of work, level of complexity, and the capability of team.
Different Style, Different Price:
Every style has its own price. These prices have been set up considering the amount of hard work they need, the time invested, and the amount of detail which will be applied to the video. The more work, detail, and time, the higher the cost. But just to give a general idea, a premium 2D animated explainer video costs approximately $2500 per minute. This includes everything needed to produce a premium video such as concept development, professionally written script, studio voice over, customized characters, animation, background music, and many other things. 3D animated and live video cost higher as compared to 2D videos. The reason behind this is the extra man power, equipments, and special skills required to produce such a video. A premium live video costs around $5000 per minute and A premium 3D video costs $5000 per minute. Even though they may cost higher, the revenue generated by the video is irreplaceable.



Length of Video:
Even though the standard length of an explainer video is 60 seconds, some videos can be shorter and some can be longer as well. Most experts recommend to stay within the sixty seconds time frame to make sure that the audience doesn’t got bored and stays attracted to the video. The pricing proposed are usually per minute.



Here, at Rabbit And Carrot we have producing premium quality animated explainer videos since 2009 to help our clients explain their message in a simple and engaging manner. We have worked for some of the top notch clients of different industries. Our videos have helped them reach their target audience, generate business, and build their online presence.
We produce the best explainer videos for our clients keeping their requirements in mind along with minimizing the load on their wallets. We only charge them for our work, and what it is worth, not a penny extra. And once charged, we guarantee that the video we produce will be worth every penny you spend on it, and will definitely serve well with the ROI. Our explainer video may be a little bit pricy for some people, but our team puts in hard work at every stage of the process to produce the finest explainer video for our client. We only ask for what our team and the video is worth.


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