How To Create Brand Awareness With Explainer Video

One of the best ways to launch a new product or jump start your business is with a high quality animated explainer video. Using animated video production can help your website rank better in Google search.Keeps customers on your site for longer, streamlines the sales and pitch process, but the one thing animated video does better than anything else is build brand awareness.

Choose the Right Animated Explainer Video Style

You can choose from a lot of different animation styles. Whiteboard video, traditional 2D, CGI, motion graphics, stop motion, and even VR and augmented reality animation are all options in today’s animation marketplace.
Each style targets different users and different conversion goals. Choose wisely.

Make Your Animated Explainer Video Social

The best explainer videos are the ones that people share. People like watching videos, but more importantly videos are great tools for sharing information in a short amount of time. Keep your video short (under 2 minutes) and focused on a singular goal and people will share it.

Know your Audience

The first thing you need to think about when creating a video to raise awareness of your brand is your audience.

Be Unique

Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours of video on YouTube alone. The competition is rife. So it’s important to make your videos unique.

Promote Your Video

Spend 20% of your time creating content & 80% promoting it.


Increasing brand awareness is just one way video gets results.

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