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How To Improve Buyers Experience With Animated Explainer Video

Video is a highly effective inbound marketing tool and is revolutionizing the way businesses are reaching prospects and customersWith limited time and attention span available, people prefer watching short animated explainer video that provide concise information.

Animated Explainer Video are visual, engaging, entertaining & compelling. It will help you both build your personal brand and tell your brand’s story in a quick and fun way.

Create a buyer persona

The first step to building a trustworthy personal brand with an explainer video is getting to know your target audience, and then creating a buyer persona.

Awareness Stage

The top of the marketing funnel is where you create brand awareness.

Engagement Stage

Better communication with your audience.

  • How-To-Use Videos
  • Educate your buyer

Nurture Stage

It’s difficult to directly convert viewers into customers.

  • Show how other customers have benefited
  • Customer testimonial video

Purchase Stage

Now your leads are ready to purchase.

  • Product demos
  • Personalized videos

Product Awareness

This is probably the most common use of animated explainer video.

The idea here is to remind the audience of their pain points and make them aware of the product or service that can help them with their problems.

By providing a CTA at the end of the video, you can influence your visitors to stay on your website.

Attention Grabber

A well-made explainer consolidates all the important details in one piece and delivers it in a minute or two.

Click Converter

Animated explainer video increase conversion rates by 15% to 50% more!


Build trust with your potential customers by being yourself. Be authentic and unique to stand out. Choose the best marketing content and set it up to boost your online business.

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