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An infographic animation is a visual representation of data and knowledge in the form of an online video. User-friendly infographic videos develop a feeling of entitlement in the viewers towards the business. Using videos into your infographics is among the proven infographic tips for business. Visual content is essential to capturing and holding the attention of potential readers.

Infographics contain rich data and strong talking points that people can relate to. If you have used the infographics in isolation in the past, they may remember the data or information and relate to it more through the animation.


Infographics are liked and shared 3X more than other any other content on social media.
Pay attention to information-carrying images that show content that’s relevant to the task at hand.
Marketers who use infographics grow in traffic an average of 12% more than those that don’t.
60% of consumers are more likely to click on a business whose images appear in search results.
Articles can generate 94% more views if you add compelling visuals and graphics.
74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media.


Essentially, anything that highlights data (like statistics) in an eye-catching and illuminating way.

Infographic Explainer videos are representation of information, data or knowledge built to present complicated information quickly and of course. They could improve cognition by utilizing animated images to improve your human visual system’s ability to find patterns and patterns. Making sure your message is complete within the content from images to articles and beyond, will result in greater conformity to your purposes by those who are following you.

An infographic animation online video, quite simply, brings info-graphics to lifetime through the medium of online video . We feel an info-graphic cartoon video helps to engage with audiences, and can add appeal to topics which may otherwise encounter around as mundane.

How It Works


The first step of producing a custom animated explainer video is to develop a concept. Key elements of this information feed in to your script, treatment and style frames.


Infographics Animation production usually takes 2 to 3 weeks depends on the length of video and complexity of concept. This include Concept, Script Writing, voice over, and animation.


An average Infographics Animation we produce usually costs starts from $1499+ and the price of Infographics Animation vary on different factors like length, storyboard, animation.

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