The mobile game industry is booming! There are close to two billion players in the world. Mobile games are not only the most popular category of apps, but also one that is developing most rapidly. 70-80% of all mobile downloads are games and 93% of paid app users paid for a game. The entire mobile game industry will reach a valuation of 60,000,000,000 USD by 2020. That is an entire economy!

Meanwhile, the standard app markets are dominating this sector – Google Play and the App Store, which take up to 30% of a game’s revenue. That is why, 80% of developers do not earn enough money to upkeep their own business.

These platforms do not provide developers with the services that could have helped them monetize or promote their games. Components that are the common denominator for many games could have been implemented on a platform level and not developed from scratch by each team. These include tournaments, betting, and , among others.

The modern world of games faces one more serious threat – the danger of malicious attacks and cheating. In order to provide a flexible and an adaptive solution, a decentralized artificial intelligence system is required to resolve specific gaming tasks.

To survive, developers seek new ways of monetizing, which would distribute revenues fairly both among the top game developers and the upstarting, smaller and talented studios. Built-in support for monetization models and revenue channel diversification is a must.

What if there is a solution that tackles these challenges? This solution is BGX – a decentralized multifunctional processing platform for mobile games powered by artificial intelligence with a built-in set of tools for a wide range of mobile games.

BGX is for Game Developers. It offers SDK & API integration, builds on blockchain infrastructure, provides decentralized app distribution and uses modern engagement and monetization models.

BGX is also for Players. Get a Virtual Card and Waller and feel safe with the Artificial Intelligence Guard. Participate in a True Token Based Game Economy, the financial solution with plenty of Game-Oriented Options.

That’s not all. The added power of artificial intelligence provides state-of-the-art fraud detection and cheating control. The neural network facilitates many of the advanced gaming functions and financial processing of trading in an adaptive, dynamic and equitable way.

BGX can change the industry radically. It provides a universal token to which all currencies are converted. It allows developers to actively promote their content through ads and tournaments. It facilitates microtransactions and allows players to access overdraft. Players can now earn while playing. Finally, anyone holding a BGX token participates in the BGX revenue sharing club since we give back 60% of all our earnings from commissions to our token holders. Moreover, due to limited emission, clear value, and the rising underlying game market – the token value appreciation on crypto-exchanges will make any token holder excited to be holding BGX.

We invite everyone to democratize the multi-billion mobile games industry by buying BGX tokens that fuel the gaming community. Tokens give each of the ecosystem’s participants access to absolutely incredible possibilities. Join the platform, read our whitepaper, and do not hesitate to ask us any questions. Remember: With BGX, THIS IS YOUR WORLD! YOUR GAMES! YOUR MONEY!