Welcome to Mobie Train. We help retailers boost sales and customer experience with mobile, bite-sized training. 82% of millennials still prefer to shop in store. Why? Because they love the shopping experience. How do we keep giving them an excellent customer experience? By empowering employees with the right knowledge. But how do you make sure employees have and retain the knowledge that they need? How do you… quickly onboard new employees? Train everyone across all stores? Minimize time needed to learn? Ensure everyone is doing the right training for them? And most importantly.. how do you make sure they retain that knowledge and actually use it in their daily jobs? Use the mobie train learning method. Short, bite-sized training content delivered daily. The right content at the perfect time, that employees actually remember and apply to their jobs. Interactive quizzes, videos, and rewards. Personalised training paths for every employee. And to make sure you know exactly how your team are performing, we provide easy, actionable insights. Want to join the top retail brands using mobie train? Sign up for a free demo today.