Meet Mike.

Mike is a responsible saver. He works with a financial planner and contributes to his 401(k). But he saves a little extra so he can invest on his own in the stock market.

You see, Mike loves stocks. He thinks about the future, looks for innovative companies, and joins their success by buying the company’s stock.

To Mike, the stock market is like a game – He’s trying to win by picking stocks that do better than the rest.

But as it turns out, beating the market is a real challenge. Did you know that most wall street mutual funds underperform the S&P 500? That’s right – thanks to their high fees and the baggage that comes with managing such huge sums of money, even the most highly educated fund managers struggle to do better than average.

That’s why index funds and ETFs have become so popular in recent years – you’re guaranteed average results – never better, never worse.

But what’s to stop Mike from trying to pick the winners himself? After all, it only takes one or two big movers to give his portfolio the boost it needs to crush the market. That’s why he loves investing. He knows that people like him can beat the pros by owning a handful of great companies.

So…how does Mike track his stocks and beat the market?

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