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Tips On Optimizing An Explainer Video for Social Media

The relationship of social media and video content is one of the strongest. Especially when it comes to animated explainer videos. People prefer watching videos as compared to text and pictures. Reason being that videos explain your message in a simple, easy to understand, attractive, and engaging manner.


Hundreds and thousands of people watch videos everyday over social media. Hence, social media has become one of the largest platforms for attracting viewers, creating brand awareness, and building online presence. So if you have got a message to be delivered through the world or a new product you want to talk about, or a business towards which you want to generate leads, social media and explainer videos are the two things which can make it possible for you.
Here are some tips which will optimize your explainer video for social media:


The Shorter The Better:
Gone are the days when people used to get long 5-10 minutes videos for their marketing. Well, that may have worked for some time, but not anymore. Keep your video short – This will keep the user engaged until the end of the video and make sure that your message is delivered clearly and completely. Try to keep your video between 30 seconds to 90 seconds. If you are not able to explain your message within this time slot, make different parts or mini clips of your video and go live on social media



Catchy and Attractive:
The key to success of any explainer video over the social media is to keep it catchy and attractive. Come up with attractive introduction for the video. This will create hype among the viewer to watch the complete video till the end. Use attractive and eye catching characters, music, and colors. While taking care of this, don’t forget the detail in the illustration. Give necessary information in the description and upload an attractive thumbnail to attract viewers.

Taking an Extra Step:
To attract a higher amount of audience, you can add subtitles to your video. This will not only boost the average watching time but play accordingly with the auto play options in most of the   platforms. Platforms like Facebook are using an auto play option which plays the video without the sound. If the video has subtitles, it will attract more viewers towards it and deliver your message to the viewer.


Call To Action:
Never, ever forget a call to action in your video. A call to action is what in the end invites the viewers to get in touch with you. Include a strong and powerful Call To Action in your video which forces the viewer to get back to you and talk more about the video. A strong call to action is what will make your video a successful marketing strategy.

Optimizing your explainer video for social media is necessary to make sure your video attracts highest amount of viewers and fulfills its purpose.

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