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Why include a video in your marketing strategy for 2018

So 2018 is here – the time when almost every business’s top management analyzes what they achieved last year and what they need to do in 2018 and set their goals. Most companies would probably be revamping their marketing strategy for 2018. One strategy which can help make your marketing strategy rock solid is video marketing.

Today, 63% of businesses world wide have started using videos for their marketing. Out of which more than 83% of business owners think that video marketing has increases their ROI. Video marketing not only attracts target audience towards your business, but also increases your sales, builds online presence, explain your business, and increase your ROI.

Here are a few reasons to why you should definitely include video marketing in your marketing strategy for 2018:

Sky Rocket Your Sales:

Video is one of the best ways to double your sales in no time. A video on your website’s landing page can help convert causal visitors into leads. Studies suggest that 74% of buyers purchased a product they bought an explainer video of. Using an animated video builds a direct medium of communication between the buyer and the seller conveying the message effectively.

Increased ROI:

Investing on a video might not be cheap but the ROI is definitely high. If the video is marketed properly such as on landing page, on social media, YouTube, and across different mediums, it can definitely increase your ROI. The best part is, you doing have to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars on a video. You can get a video within your budget and let it do it’s magic.

Improved Online Presence:

Yes, you’re heard that right. Using a video on your website improves the Search Engine Optimization and builds your online presence. According to different studies, a website is more likely to rank on Google search engine if a website is embed on it. Moreover, an optimized video also improves the ranking and online presence.

Video marketing is one of the strongest, affordable, and widespread marketing strategy being used today. An explainer video can help you build online presence, boost your sales, attract potential leads, and make your marketing strategy solid. Whether you’re a startup or a large multinational company, animated explainer video can help you reach your marketing and sales objectives.

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