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Extend Your Business Promotion With An Engaging Animated Corporate Video

Extend Your Business Promotion With An Engaging Animated Corporate Video

Corporate animated videos are engaging, short videos that use animation to narrate a brand’s story, showcase a product or service, and explain intricate concepts. These videos are gaining immense popularity for businesses seeking to elevate their different marketing strategies.

Typically, video marketing has become greatly important for businesses in recent years, with animated videos forming an integral part of this marketing blend.

Initially, let us explain about an Animated Corporate Video and the types that it includes for robust business promotion.

About Corporate Animated Video

Corporate videos form the general category involved in video production, including presentation and corporate films, videos related to the company, and footage of numerous business events involving exhibitions, presentations, meetings with partners, and more. Start-up video production is an intricate and extensive procedure entrusted to the professionals.

A corporate video or animated Brand Video forms the unit of corporate video content resolving one or the other business tasks like the presentation of the company for exhibitions, videos for recruiting employees, videos for investors, company documentaries, staff training videos, and more.

Types of Corporate Animated Videos You Must Know About

Corporate videos have limitless uses, from brand awareness to product promotion. Understanding the numerous forms and styles of videos can assist you in implementing them into your marketing campaigns. Let us now check out the popular forms of corporate videos you can create with the help of an Animated Explainer Video Production Company.


A showreel is a form of brief two to three minute video showcasing the prior work of a person. It showcases the work by bringing together the footage across varied projects they handled earlier. A showreel is created for numerous reasons; however, one of the primary reasons is to highlight the skills of a person or a company.

Businesses are using showreels for effective brand management and marketing communication, mainly to serve as digital profiles to highlight skills. Business video animation is a potential sales tool, offering customers a seamless way to check out the work on screen.

Explainer Video

Explainer or animated brand videos are short videos that aim to grab customers’ attention in an alluring manner. They serve as real problem solvers for viewers by explaining how a product or service operates. Explainer video animation is greatly effective in conveying intricate details in a short time and can be placed on a company’s landing page, home page, or social media platform.

Investor Relations Video

An investor relations video allures stakeholders and shareholders and promotes attendance, communicating the accomplishments made by businesses. Businesses must offer their stakeholders precise, updated details that are clear and honest, enabling them to evaluate the operations’ value. Therefore, the investor relations video compiles the intricate financial data into an easily digestible format.

It is the kind of corporate animated video that is perfect for internal business communication and helps everyone stay on the same page. If you wish to render your investors with precise business details then investing in this form of video is the best option.

Product Demo Video

As the name suggests, a product demo video showcases how a product works. It is an excellent way to communicate a product’s value by showing it in action and demonstrating what it can actually help people do. A creative product demo video entices potential customers and saves them time reading a list of product features and specifications.

A product demo video is a brilliant investment since it can be reused across emails, websites, landing pages, etc. To create distinctive product ad videos, aim for a bigger customer base.

Event Video

An event video is the other form of corporate animated video. It comprises a videographer recording special and social events. It implies different settings involving exhibitions, conferences, live performances, and networking events. Including an event video in the marketing strategy is the best way to advertise your entire event while reaching out to new online audiences.

An animated company video lets your online viewers feel connected to your brand. Using various colors, graphics, and styles, you can make your event video as impactful and memorable as possible. You may also include your company logo at the bottom of the screen to distinguish your brand from others.

Location Video

A location video is a complete-motion tour video of a place. It comprises a person walking through the scene, capturing it, and offering the viewer the entire surrounding picture. The camera moves from one place to the other while the video is recorded at the speed of walking.

Testimonial Video

The testimonial video often captures the customer’s experience using a service or a product. Here, the customer highlights and explains the positive experiences they have had with a business, influencing the rest to invest in them. These videos form social proof of the company’s authenticity, transforming prospects into loyal customers.

The brand video animations showcase a better human connection by placing a face, adding a sense of trust and credibility for the viewers.

Start leveraging video content today!

Each business can use the potential of an Animated Corporate Video to help market its products and services to the customers. Opting for the best type of video that matches your needs is seamless after you know the type of video to use that can help support your business. If you are planning to create some great corporate videos, then at Rabbit & Carrot, we can help. Get in touch today to create some great marketing videos for your business!