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Build Your Brand With Marketing Videos 2

Build Your Brand With Marketing Videos

Great video marketing is no easy task. but successful businesses recognize the importance of marketing videos. Businesses that don’t adapt will fall behind – and with around 400 hours of video being uploaded to Youtube every minute, it’s important to extend your reach with powerful and memorable video content.

Marketing Videos Plan

The creative options are endless when making marketing video. The most important element is the scripting. It may sound obvious but it’s extremely important to know your audience for the video.


With marketing videos, you have even less time to hook the viewer so your video needs to tell a story. The first 10 second of the video is most important to get viewer attention.

Sales Pitch

As with video marketing, You have the opportunity to make an impact first impression, showing that you feel passionately about your product or service. Your videos title. It’s your title where your intentions become clear, so it needs to be engaging, memorable and stimulating.

Targeted Audience

First, data analysis to see where your video is going to get the most traffic.Keep SEO in your mind, tagging with meta description, the thumbnail image of the video is engaging.

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