Animated explainer videos can adapt perfectly to your needs: you can select a particular style in accordance with your marketing objectives, the target audience you aim for and the type of product/service you offer. It’s simple to find the ideal match to boost your presence in social media channels!

Engaging Your Audience

These animated videos are exceptionally engaging and persuasive. By taking advantage of attractive visuals and animations, a compelling voice-over, the storytelling technique, a dose of comedy, or another source, you’ll get amazing results to increase engagement rates and, ultimately, video views!

Appeal To Emotions

Video content is a beneficial resource to generate different emotions in your intended audience. Generating emotions means gaining a special area in your audience’s hearts and minds. Moreover, emotions direct people to take action. Animated explainer videos are meant to Establish a variety of powerful emotions on your audiences, based on your needs (fun, joy, nostalgia, excitement, etc.)

Brand Identity 

Explainer videos are totally customizable and this can help you enhance your brand identity on social media. If you use the colors of your brand palette to the backgrounds and scenarios of your video, then the viewers will understand that your company is the one behind that unique selling proposition. Videos are the most shareable kind of marketing material. Folks really like to talk about videos with their tech! So this is the great prospect of spreading your voice to get more fans. Video content fits perfectly with all the”social logic”!

Shareable Content

Videos are the most shareable kind of advertising content. People really like to talk about videos with their tech! This is your great chance of spreading your voice to gain more fans.

Mobile Friendly

People love accessing social networks out of their mobile devices. And the good thing is that explainer videos are best buddies with the”mobile mindset”. Make sure you follow these basic guidelines to make your animated video cellular friendly.

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