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How long should explainer video be?

Your video isn’t supposed to do everything.

Hold your attention to 2-3 key point and allow your own website or sales force finish up. You really don’t want to bombard your audiences using too much information, just enough to acquire their interest. Whether there are numerous topics or characteristics you would like to cover, it’s possible to always make another video.

Shorter is always better

Maybe not just does a briefer video save time and money during manufacturing, but it’s also more likely your viewers will see much more of it.

It is found as an video’s period improves, there’s a dramatic drop in the percentage of this video that’s seen. As stated by the research, roughly 70% of the 60 sec video is viewed. You could even see that roughly 65% is seen for a two min online video. That is really about a 5% gap in the normal term observed.

Presently , that 5 % may not seem like a lot, however that means that generally, an audience is viewing 42 moments of a 60 sec video along with 78 seconds of the one hundred twenty minute video. Thus, the more your video clip is more, the more articles your audiences are going to miss out on.

Therefore, as you want to be certain that your video is long enough to pay the essentials, then you’re want to be brief as you can.

Get to the point

Therefore, as you want to be certain that your video is long enough to pay the essentials, then you’re want to be brief as you can.

Since audiences tend to drop off toward the end of your video, you also need to attempt to present your business after possible. In our explainer video for base-case we use the initial 5 sec to present a speedy pitch to the business before we do anything else.

If we take another look at the graph , we can observe that if you make a 120 second video, it’s very likely that your viewers will bypass up to material (42 moments ) because they’d have viewed at a sixty sec video. There is a lot of content about to squander (and of course that the time and dollars you put in creating it!) , and much more often than not, it’s the important things – such as your pitch along with call to action.


We think that the best length to get an explainer video is 60 seconds. But finally, it really is up to you to decide the length of time you would like your video clip to be based on your audience, goals, and price range.

But wherever you property, ideally you will find the video span candies place – that the ideal crossover between content and audience awareness spans.


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