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How to Explain Your Business in 90 Seconds

Like they say, the shorter the better. Same is the scenario with explainer videos. One of the reasons of explainer videos being such a success is that they are short in length (standard 90 seconds) and convey the message in the most effective manner. The experts in the industry of explainer videos recommend that the explainer videos should be of 90 seconds maximum. There’s a reason behind it. This time is perfect to give an overview of the business; it keeps the user engaged, and prevents distraction from the video. But most people get confused that how can a complete business be explained in just 90 seconds? It is possible! Using these tips you will find out how to create an explainer video for your business of just 90 seconds:
Stay to the Point:
If you are making an explainer video for your business, you need to remember this point at all times. Stay to the point. Note down the main points of your business. These points will be the ones which you deem to be necessary for your business and ofcourse, which is necessary for the client to absorb. Only talk about the things related and necessary to your business. This will not only help you explain your business in just 90 seconds but also keep the user engaged.


Use The Trick:
There is a trick for explainer videos which not many people know of. Not everything needs to be typed or spoken. There are things which can be shown. Not only they just deliver your message but deliver them in an effective way. This is the strongest tool for a premium explainer video. Use infographics instead of text and voice. Point out the things which can be conveyed visually and get it done. It is not at all necessary to use text and voice all the time. People tend to learn better visually as compared to reading and listening. This needs to be taken advantage of.


Be Attractive:
Another key tip for explaining your video in 90 seconds is to be attractive. Even if you are able to explain your business in 90 seconds but the video is all boring and too technical, people won’t watch it! Try to bring attractiveness and humor in your video. This will keep the user engaged from the very first second until you have delivered your message completely.


Understanding the Human Psyche:
People don’t like to watch long videos. Doesn’t matter if your video is one of the bests ever produced, but if its lengthy, it will distract the viewers. Eventually the viewer will get bored of the length of the video, and scroll over it, and this is not we want. Keep the video shorter so that it keeps the viewer engaged. Convey your message within this time frame. This will not only keep the viewer engaged but also make the viewer remember your video for a life time.

Build the Relationship:
An explainer video is built of two things: audio and images. The perfect combination of audio and images in your explainer can either get you hundreds and thousands of view in just a few hours or just a couple of viewer in months. This is how important this combination is. Make sure that the audio is perfectly synced with the images. Express and convey your message through infographics and emphasize it through voice. This will create a premium explainer video for your business and introduce your business to a whole lot of new people out there.


According to a statistic, businesses who introduced explainer videos gained business by 20%. That is a huge number generated by just a video of 90 seconds. An explainer video not only explains your business in an efficient manner, but it reaches the highest number of people, attract prospects, generate leads, and boost your business. And for all this, you need an explainer video of just 90 seconds. That’s all you got. Make the most out of it and turn your business into a successful one.

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