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How To Have A Fantastic Explainer Video With Minimal Spending

Concept & Research

First of all producing an animated explainer video is to develop a concept. Concept artist, script writer, and creative managers discuss and come up with a mind blowing and awesome concept according to the client’s requirements.

Script Writing

Once the concept is all set, script writers begin drafting the script for the video.


Storyboard or visuals of videos are produce by the creative team in vectors or illustrations who are very well familiar and knowledge to convert words into images.


This is the step where still images are converted into animation and convey the message to engage customers.


Now, Script , StoryBoard and Animation to voiceover artist who record the script and provides multiple takes for audio engineer.

Sound Effect, Music & Revisions

In this stage, mixing the sound, sound effect and music to form professional soundtrack to use in your animated videos. The final step of producing an animated video is to compile all the shots, add the voice over and music, sync, and render a high quality HD version of the video.

Now, Here are the steps to make a Budget Explainer Video:

Write Script yourself

As you are making your own product’s video, you have a market knowledge. Make some script and discuss with your team so it will produce a collaborative efforts and ideas. Before finalization make sure everyone understand it.

Record Voice over yourself

Find a team mate with great voice, use suitable mic and free audio recording software for saving some budget , or hire a professional on freelance site with low budget.

Free Visuals or affordable videos

You can check stock images where you can find each & every visuals that you want or find some sketch artist to make sketch in to digital for final cutouts.


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