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3 Types of Explainer Video Every Business Must Own

Explainer videos are on a high demand today. Every company, may it be a large multinational corporation or a small startup, everyone is getting explainer video. But what’s the all hype about? Explainer videos are one of the best medium to attract your target audience, generate leads, build online presence, optimize SEO and educate viewers.

So what are the types of video your business should own? Can be pretty confusing for someone who is new to this industry. We have gathered some data based on our research and figured out what are the 3 types of explainer video every business must own:

Business Overview Video:

A Business overview explainer video is one of the most common and widely used type of explainer video. The purpose of a business overview video is to give an overall idea of the business to the viewer. It explains your business in an engaging manner which keeps the viewer hooked from the very first second to the very last. A usual business overview video addresses the problem, gives a solution, and how user’s can benefit from your business. Here is an example of a business overview video:

Product/Service Explainer:

Understanding a product might be difficult sometimes. But this can be achieved easily with the help of a product explainer video. A product explainer video explains your product in brief and builds a path of trust between the buyer and the product. According to research, more than 55% of online shoppers said they purchased a product after watching it’s video. Same goes for the service. Whether you’re a voice over artist or an electrician, a service explainer video can also get you more traffic! Here is an example of a product explainer video:

Promotional Video:

The purpose of a promotional video is to promote a brand, business, product, or a service. It can be some what similar to business overview video or a explainer video, but it has a different purpose. It follows a different perspective with the objective to promote a business. This video can be used on website, social media, pitch meetings, and other platforms. Promotional videos have turned out to be a strong and effective video marketing strategy. Here is a promotional video we made recently:

Many companies have had positive results with their explainer videos. Not only it builds a path of communication between the company and the audience, but also makes marketing strategy rock solid. If you’re running a business and don’t have an explainer video yet, it’s high time you get one right away and make your brand stand apart from the usual crowd – and we, at Rabbit And Carrot can help you achieve this. Get in touch with us now and let’s discuss on how we can help your company reach the highest peak of the success mountain.

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