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Explaining a mobile app in a convincing way


Tik A Tap is an online mobile application which allows users to purchase tickets for different events held in schools, colleges, and universities. People can easily purchase tickets using the app and display them at the event and gain entry without waiting in line for hours.

The main challenge of this video was to create an engaging whiteboard video to explain this message in a simple way. Tik A Tap hired Rabbit And Carrot to create a series of videos which would be marketed over social media, website’s landing page, and event stadiums across the USA.

Our Solution:

At Rabbit And Carrot, we created a series of whiteboard explainer videos which explained Tik A Tap’s mobile app and objective to the general viewers and target audience, and used to market on stadiums’ screens.

The purpose of creating multiple videos was to cover each and every aspect of this industry – from both buyer’s and seller’s point of view. The video clearly showed the process of both purchasing and selling tickets using Tik A Tap’s mobile app and convinced users on how effective Tik A Tap is. More over, the video was customized in such a manner that it was suitable for playing on stadium screens as well.

Take a look at the profile video we created for Tik A Tap:

Do you need an app explainer video to explain your mobile app? Get in touch with Rabbit And Carrot and let’s discuss on how we can make your app stand apart.

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