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5 Ways to Make Your Video Go Viral

Explainer videos are on the verge of success. Almost every other company, may it be a top-notch one or just a startup, they are getting explainer videos for their business. Premium explainer videos can yield huge success for the business but only if they are marketed in the correct way. Most people think that posting the video up on social media, YouTube and website is all that needs to be done for the promotion of video. That is not enough! The video needs to go viral. You have spent hundreds of dollars, or even possibly thousands to get a premium explainer video, so you also have to make sure that money does not go down the drain. Make those dollars worth it! Here are some techniques which can make your explainer video go viral and fulfill its purpose:


First Thing First – Website:
Leave everything! The first thing that needs to be done is to post the video on the website. Most people visit a company’s website instead of its social pages. Keep the video on the landing page and make it look attractive. Obviously when visitors will visit the website, your explainer video will be first thing they look at.


 Go Social:
Go social with the video. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and every social media website you know of. Share it on pages and groups. Ask your friends to share it. Make the video viral and try to share it as much possible to make sure its seen by most people out there.



Taking Extra Moves:
One of the best part of videos is that everybody loves it. Apart from the social media there are some other platforms as well where the video can be shared like Reddit. Reddit allows its users to share videos, just like any other video platform. There best thing with Reddit is that they have thousands of viewers each day and they go viral easily on Reddit. If you’re posting your premium explainer video on Reddit get ready to attract all the traffic.


Write About It:
Go ahead and write a blog about it. Blogging about a video is one of the best techniques for video promotion. Just don’t write, attach the video to the blog as well. People will not only read the blog and find out about the video but will also be able to watch the video. But make sure that the blog is extremely flawless. It should create hype among the readers to go watch the video now! If possible, share the blog with blogging brands like huffington post and hubspot.



E-Mail it Up:
Yes, e-mail marketing is still in the trend. Create a newsletter and e-mail it to everybody you know – your contacts, friends, family, colleagues, associated companies, and people who would be interested in such video.


Making a video go viral is not a difficult job. It just needs to be done correctly. Follow these techniques and your video should be viral in no time. Don’t forget to share any video promotion techniques with us.



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