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How Can Different Industries Use Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are on the verge of success. They have become a strong method of marketing technique and are the easiest and most attractive way of gaining business. According to Visualtising, 90% of traffic on a website in future will come from an explainer video. That means more traffic and more business!

The number of industries using explainer videos is growing by a surprising number. More and more industries are turning towards explainer videos to make their marketing strategy strong. They are used for attracting traffic, building brand awareness, and educating their audience. Apart from this, there are different targets which can be achieved by explainer videos. Here are some ways in which different industries can use explainer videos:

Tech Industry:
Tech Industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. Every year we see a radical change and development in the technology. New things are introduced, which not only change the way we do things, but also the way we think. Explainer Videos can be of great use to the tech industry. They can be used to explain new products and inventions, and their future scope, developments in current technology, future endeavors, and to build awareness. Other than that they can also be used to explain new mobile applications and websites. They can be used for numerous other reasons as well they would like to educate their audience with.

More and more companies in the finance industry are turning towards explainer videos. They are using explainer videos to explain their complicated methods and procedures in an easy way. Since not everybody is good with finance, explainer videos convey their message and explain their work in a simple and easy to understand method. Banks are using explainer videos to educate their audience with new types of accounts and saving methods, and investment firms are using explainer videos to educate their audience on how to make smart investments.

Healthcare industry can use explainer videos to explain their complicated procedures in a simple way. They can be used to explain their methods, educate and build awareness among audience regarding any new diseases and the prevention methods, and to help them live a healthy life. Doctors providing private services can also use explainer videos to offer their services, their achievements, and their capabilities.
Explainer videos are of great use to the non-profit industry. They can use explainer videos as a strong marketing technique to encourage people to come forward and donate, serve the humanity, and help in the noble cause. Explainer videos can be attractive and engaging on the same time. A perfectly made and a well marketed explainer video can build up the emotional feeling to help different non-profit organizations in achieving their target of serving the humanity.
Professional Services:
Explainer videos can also be used to showcase the professional services offered by different companies and individuals. Companies can use explainer videos to tell people the type of services they offer, how they do their job, their process, and why should you choose them. Other than that, individuals can also use explainer videos to reach the highest number of people and offer their services to them.



Explainer videos are not only meant for startups today. They can be used by almost every other industry to achieve their targets and goals through a guaranteed success marketing technique. A premium explainer video can help achieve their marketing targets, reach their target audience, build their brand’s awareness and boom their business! If your industry does not own an explainer video, now is the time to get one and make your marketing strategy rock solid and a successful one.



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