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Why You Shouldn’t Choose DIY Explainer Videos

Video marketing is a strong tool for a company’s marketing and what really makes it strong is the attractiveness and engageness of a video. But this is all lost when someone chooses to go for a DIY Explainer Videos. In order to make your video marketing strategy successful, you will need a high quality custom explainer video tailored to your requirements rather than a DIY explainer video whose sole purpose is just to create a video and nothing else.

Here are a few reasons to why DIY Explainer Videos should not be your first choice:

Compromise on Quality:

If you have some basic knowledge of custom explainer videos and DIY explainer videos, you will see a major difference between the two. A DIY Explainer Video is far from a custom one. The illustrations and graphics in a DIY explainer videos are stock, and can be easily found over the internet. Where as the illustrations of a custom explainer video are completely different – higher in quality and much more attractive. Same goes for the animation. Animation of a custom explainer video is much detailed and engaging as compared to a DIY Explainer Video.


Zero Creativity:

One of the benefits of hiring an explainer video company for your video production is that they have a team of creatives. They know what needs to be done to create an outstanding explainer video for your company. They understand the art of explainer video and know what needs to be done. Unfortunately, that’s not the scenario with a DIY explainer video.

Bringing Brand Identity:

So you bring your brand guidelines to your video? This can be done when you’re getting a custom explainer video because you have the complete freedom of using the assets you want. But unfortunately, you don’t have such possibilities with DIY Explainer videos. You have an option to choose from a limited number of graphics and you’re bound to that. As a result, all your brand guidelines are ignored here. But hey, this does not happen with custom explainer videos. You can do whatever you want and whatever you like!

No doubt, a custom explainer video gives you wide possibilities for you’d like your explainer video. A custom animated explainer video for your brand with not only make your marketing strategy, but make attract audience, generate leads, and increase your sales.

If you’re looking for an explainer video company in Dubai to hire, consider choosing Rabbit And Carrot. At Rabbit And Carrot we have been creating animated explainer videos since 2009 which makes us super experienced. We know what needs to be done with your explainer video to make sure it’s one of the best and makes you stand apart from the usual crowd.


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