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5 Tips To Make Your Whiteboard Video Super Awesome

Whiteboard animation is one of the widely used styles of explainer videos. Wondering why? One simple answer – Engaging. Yes, whiteboard style is known as one of the most engaging styles of explainer video. The animation of a hand drawing the illustrations and the plain white background is what attracts the user towards it.

But not all whiteboard animated videos can be engaging. And we are here to tell you 5 tips that can make your whiteboard video super awesome.

Appealing Script:

Script is the foundation of any explainer video. A humoristic script is what attracts more customers because people enjoy watching it! An ideal script should be anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds which should convey the message in a fun and engaging way.

Attractive Visuals:

If you want your whiteboard video to be super awesome, make sure you use attractive illustrations. Illustrations that are used should be relevant to the script, explain the message, and should be powerful to enough that the user understands the message just by looking at the video.

Go Colorful:

Adding colors to a whiteboard makes the video more appealing. Lights colors on a plain white background makes it pleasant towards the eyes hence attracting more viewers and making the video more engaging.

Animated Characters:

Most people still follow the old style of whiteboard animation. The only animation we can see in the whiteboard videos is the artist’s arm drawing the illustrations. Animating the characters makes the video more appealing and engaging.

Maintain the flow:

One strong factor for any explainer video is to maintain the flow. The script, illustrations, and animation should follow a flow – everything should be a continuation of the previous thing. This increases the efficiency of the video conveying the message successfully from the business to the viewer.

Whiteboard animation is the best style for explainer videos especially when it comes to explaining complex messages. This is the reason to why people prefer using whiteboard animation to explain complex numbers, procedures, and statistics. Apart from this, whiteboard animation matches perfectly if used on website, social media, and other platforms.

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