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How An Explainer Video Can Improve Your Social Media

Animated Explainer Video is a great tool for social media marketing – whether it’s paid campaign, organic posting, or just to attract your target audience. An explainer video can help you improve your marketing campaign, enhance results, and generate more and more sales towards your business.

First, take a look at this video so that you can understand how powerful explainer videos are for social media:

Explainer video is one of the best ways to deliver your message to the target audience in a fast and engaging manner. Here are a few reasons how animated explainer videos can enhance your social media campaigns like no other:


Without any doubts, explainer video is one of the most engaging content one could share over social media. Humoristic script, creative design, engaging animation, and attractive voice over can get amazing results over social media which can attract hundreds and thousands of viewers to your business.

Attention Seeker:

Yes, you can call explainer videos attention seeker – they seek attention of your target audience. Since the social media world is really fast, explainer video is best tool to attract audience towards your video. Explainer videos play the role of a trick, or you can call it a spark, which is required to seeks your audience’s attention.

Build Online Presence:

Having an online presence is really important these days specially if you want your brand to grow fast. Explainer Video can help your build presence and build an online reputation in an efficient way. A video gone viral and with thousands of views can build an online presence like no other.

Mobile and SEO Friendly:

One of the best things of using an explainer video on social media is that a video is mobile and SEO friendly. A video is easily viewable on mobile hence increasing the number of viewers and user experience. According to different sources, ever since google purchased youtube, google has modified it’s algorithm to rank websites higher with pages on videos on them.

Easy to Share:

What could be easier than hitting a button right? That’s all it takes to share a video on social media! No downloading, no tagging, no nothing. Just hit the button and share the video. So what happens when people share your video? Your target audience grows – increasing the probability of getting more leads. Or in short, you can say just get more business.

So now once you have decided to get your explainer video for social media, learn how to optimize an explainer video for social media.

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