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Whiteboard – The Most Attractive Style of Explainer Videos

Whiteboard videos are one of the most attractive styles of explainer videos. In this style of explainer video, a human hand draws the illustration of the video. The feeling of human hand sketching makes the video exciting and attractive as compared to other styles of explainer videos. It is also a nice way to attract viewers.
Whiteboard style explainer videos are used by many different industries to convey their message to the viewers. The marketing sector is one of the highest explainer video using industries. Reason? Explainer videos are the best approach to explain complex messages in a simple, attractive, and easy to understand format. Here is a whiteboard style explainer video we made for a network marketing company:


To make sure your whiteboard video is one of the bests, here are some tips to keep your eye on:
Keeping it Traditional:
One of the reasons why whiteboard videos are so attractive is the traditional touch to it. The view of human drawing the illustration step by step and watching it become animated is absolutely amazing! The black and white color maintains the essence of a traditional video.


Bring It To Life:
Most whiteboard explainer videos have characters but not all of them are animated. Take our word on it, animated characters bring life to the whiteboard video! Draw the characters and animate them. It would not only give a lively feeling to the video but also make it more attractive and engaging.

Don’t Forget The Hand:
In a whiteboard explainer video, never forget the hand. Like never ever. Drawing hand is the most important part of a whiteboard video. This is what actually makes a whiteboard a ‘whiteboard video’. Draw the hand, and animate it to make it look like it is actually drawing the illustration.

Keep it Connected:
Another tip to make sure your whiteboard explainer video stands apart from the rest, is to make sure that the illustration is connected. The storyline should be interconnected. This is a technique to make the video engaging. If the illustration of your video isn’t connected, or has too many cuts, the video won’t be attractive and would lose attention, and that’s what you don’t want.

No other style is as attractive and engaging as a whiteboard style. They attract viewers towards you video, keep them engaged, and generate leads towards your business. Video is one of the bests marketing tool and whiteboard style is what adds the beauty to it. Get your whiteboard video now and reach your prospects in an impressive manner.

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